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Made in Italy with the finest silk

Welcome to Le Hhak – Producing beautiful handmade clothing in London

About me

An “architect designed” scarf might sound a little unusual however, as an architect with several years experience in London and the Middle East, I’ve always believed that a designer should be able to turn their hand to any product or artefact.

Bringing an architectural sensibility to haute couture results in a timeless quality beyond the whims of fashion and an attention to detail which encompasses all aspects of the product from the stitching, finishing, logo and packaging to a consideration of the various ways in which the scarf can be worn. The design integrity also extends to the choice of material and methods of manufacture; only the finest Italian silks are used and the finishing is mostly done by hand-rolled Italian edge techniques. (Occasionally, there is a need to finish the scarves using machine-rolled hemming or hidden stitching).

My love for fashion from an early age drove me to the establishment of this line. As a child I drew designs for children’s fabrics, described as “sweet little pictures” by my father and I hoped that one day I would get the chance to turn those drawings into reality.

I chose scarves because a sophisticated scarf adds glamour and completes any outfit, swathing a woman in elegance. However, I intend to extend this design philosophy to other accessories such as handbags, hats, belts and shoes.

Architect & Designer
H. Haddad